Arsenic compounds

Classification and labeling

Harmonized C&L

Following REGULATION (EC) No 1272/2008 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 16 December 2008 on classification, labelling and packaging of substances and mixtures, amending and repealing Directives 67/548/EEC and 1999/45/EC, and amending Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006.

Arsenic and arsenic compounds:

Gallium arsenide:

Self-classification of Arsenic metal

Following the REACH registration of As metal, industry came to a more severe self-classification for arsenic metal. See attached pdf for more details.

Current OELs (Occupational Exposure Limits)

An occupational exposure limit is an upper limit on the acceptable concentration of a hazardous substance in workplace air for a particular material or class of materials. It is typically set by competent national authorities and enforced by legislation to protect occupational safety and health. It is an important tool in risk assessment and in the management of activities involving handling of dangerous substances.

Country/ Organisation Arsenic Compound Level (mg/m3) Time-relation Remarks
The Netherlands Arsenic        acid                   salts (insoluble, as As)


Arsenic acid and its salts (soluble, as As)






TWA value (8hr) Short-term                        value (15min)


TWA value (8hr) Short-term                        value (15min)

UK Arsenic and compounds (as As) (except lead arsenate) 0.1 TWA value (8hr) C
Denmark Arsenic and inorganic compounds, (as As)


Calcium arsenate




TWA value


TWA value

Germany Arsenic and Compounds, except arsine (as As) and except GaAs 0.00083






and 0.066






corresponding                         short term value (15 min)


4 :10 000


4 : 1 000

Sweden Arsenic and inorganic compounds, as As 0.03

(total dust)

TWA value (8hr) C
Austria Arsenic acids and its salts 0.1





TWA value (8hr)


Short term value (15 min)

TRK value 
Finland Arsenic acids and its salts 0.01 as As TWA value (8hr)
France Arsenic acids and its salts 0.2 TWA value (8hr)
Latvia Arsenic acids and its salts 0.01

0.04 mg/m3

TWA value (8hr) Short term value (15 min)
Spain Arsenic acids and its salts 0.1 TWA value (8hr)
Switzerland Arsenic acids and its salts 0.1


TWA value (8hr)
ACGIH (TLV) Arsenic and inorganic compounds, as As 0.01 TWA value (8hr) C
OSHA Arsenic and inorganic compounds 0.01

(total dust)

TWA value (8hr) C
NIOSH Arsenic (inorganic compounds, as As) 0.002

(total dust)

Short-term                        value (15min ceiling) C
Japan – JSOH Arsenic (inorganic and organic compounds, as As) 0.003 TWA value (8hr) Reference value for an individual excess lifetime risk of 1 : 1 000


1  C: the substance is considered carcinogenic

2 DECOS originally referred to TRK values, which are no longer used in DE (since 2005)

Biological limit values have been issued by ACGIH (BEI) and MAK Commission for the sum of inorganic arsenic (As3+ and As5+) and methylated metabolites (MMA and DMA). These are 35 and 50 µg/l, respectively. In Finland, a BLV of 70 nmol/l has been set for the inorganic arsenic (sum of As3+ and As5+) in urine. This corresponds the 8 h TWA exposure to arsenic at the level of Finnish OEL of 0.01 mg/m3.